About Clavier Music Studio!

Every child is born with an aptitude of MUSIC

Dr Edwin E. Gordon, the leading researcher in early-childhood music and author of the most widely used music aptitude test, states that a child’s music aptitude is in a developmental stage from birth to age 9. Unfortunately, that aptitude diminishes if it is not nurtured in the first nine years of life

At Clavier Music Studio, we believe that we can AWAKEN and NURTURE your child’s innate MUSICALITY through our PROFESSIONAL and CAPTIVATING music classes.

Since 2008, hundreds of parents have witnessed their children’s musical growth at our studio. Many of them came to use when they were very young (some were as young as three months old!). They have since turned into aspiring young musicians, who appear frequently in public performances, musical events and music competitions!

If you intend to let your child experience the joy of learning music with the possibilities of growing a musical career or just merely to embark on an exciting and meaningful journey, be part of our growing pool of happy and satisfied parents!

Our music classes are intricately designed and customized to cater to all ages (from babies to adults).

Join us today to let your child embark on an exciting and meaningful muscal journey!